Opportunities and an extra Christmas present.

As this is the first official post of the blog, there are a number of different things I’m going to tell you about, as I have suddenly been inundated with information. I expect future blog posts will be dedicated to single subjects, so bear with me!

First of all, the Curve have announced that they haveĀ  a couple of wonderful opportunities for people ages 14 – 25 that would take place on January 27th 2011.

The first is the chance to join a Young Technician’s team, which the Curve are planning to set up in order to allow a group of young people to work with the professional crew to learn more about the technical side of performance, such as lighting and sound.

Best of all, the entire experience will come to a head in a final Young Production’s performance in June!

Alongside this, the Curve are looking for young people – aged from 16 to 25 this time – who would like to become a Young Facilitator for ten weeks.

This position is suitable for any young person who is interested in working with young people and facilitating the arts in order to develop a project that explores the problems that youth can face today.

The most important thing for the staff at the Curve is that the applicants are interested in working with young people, not necessarily needing any experience in the arts. I think this is a brilliant opportunity for someone who does not necessarily have any experience in the arts but would like to start branching out into that area.

Successful applicants will be given the opportunity to explore the idea of peer leadership, plan and deliver a themed workshop programme and gain access to high quality art.

For both of these positions – Young Technicians and Young Arts Facilitators, applicants will need to email their applications to experiencecurve@curvetheatre.co.uk or write to Alex Smith, Curve Theatre, Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1SB by Friday 14th January 2011.

Finally, the extra Christmas present that was mentioned in the title of this post. Everybody likes an extra present, it makes them smile and feel just that little bit happier throughout the winter.

Well, this present is being offered to you by Tom Roden from the New Art Club. Mr Roden is putting on a one off Professional Development Workshop, which shall take place on Sunday 6th February 2011 from 2pm until 5pm at the Y theatre.

The workshop will be mainly practical, through which improvised movement and speech shall be used to create choreography. We are told to expect silly games, unusual dancing and deep discussions on what is good about watching other people dance.

The workshop is free for anyone who has a ticket for the New Art Clubs performance “Big Bag of Boom” at the Y.

For more information on prices and to book for the workshop, send an email to Ruth Bates on rbates@leicesterymca.co.uk

To book a ticket for the New Art Club’s “Big bag of Boom” contact the Y Box Office by ringing 0116 255 7066.

So much information in so little time! These opportunities are enabling young people and others to progress in the arts, furthering their talents in both the professional area of dance and the youth working aspects of it. If you do decide to go for one of these opportunities, I hope you get everything you want from it.

Feel free to let me know how it goes!

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Welcome to The Inside Turn

Welcome to the Inside Turn blog, where you can come for information about the goings on in the dance subject around Leicestershire.

As a first post, I feel that I should introduce myself and explain a little bit behind the idea of the blog.

Being a recent graduate from DeMontfort University, I looked around the internet for some information on what was going on in Leicestershire with regards to dance. There were bits and bobs everywhere, information specific to each area and organisation but I found it hard to gain a general overlook.

So, I decided to make a blog; looking at dance around Leicestershire, covering areas such as projects, events, workshops, performances and anything else I could find.

And so, here it is, The Inside Turn. I hope you enjoy.

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